I will admit, in some areas Disney has improved on the fairy tales they adapt. For instance, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is an improvement on Andersen's prince in that he genuinely loves Ariel-the prince in the original tale led the mermaid on. Also, if the Sea Witch had to be a villain, at least Ursula is an effective one.
So this is a new project of mine. I want to collect as many fairy tale related fanfictions as I can. Now to specify things a bit, I will not be listing fanfiction based on fairy tale movies, Disney or otherwise. So without further ado, the collection begins!

Let's start with some Tamora Pierce fic now, shall we? This collection of fanfiction was done for the 2009 Fairytale Challenge on the Goldenlake forum. Fair warning-there is a homosexual pairing in one of the fics ("Sleeping Roger"). Other than that, the fics are quite enjoyable. Here they are:

Now, I'd like to mention a series of fanfiction (well, sort of fanfiction, I first read them on AO3, through a gensplosion rec) known as "Two-Booted Tales". As you may have guessed, they star Puss in Boots, but with a noir twist on the fairy tales. Here they are: http://2bootedtales.hamsterbandit.com/

That's all for now, see you later!
Took me long enough to finally do this-it's July and I promised June at the latest...Anyway, today I'm going to talk a bit about Disney. I'll admit to having a love-hate relationship with the company. This relates to the simple fact that most of the stories from the Disney Animated Canon are based on older works. Also the fact that anything that's hit the movie or television screen takes over as the dominant story that people remember. I get so tired of people going "There was a book?" when told about the original source. Like I said, Disney does this a lot. Now, when it comes to fairy tales, one of the fun things about them is how different cultures play the same tales, their tropes, and their plots. The fact that the tales have been "sanitized" by Disney doesn't bother me-that's been going on for centuries. It's what I mentioned earlier about adaptation displacement. Also how loose the adaptations get-Aladdin comes to mind (and at least they admitted that Frozen was inspired by the fairy tale and not based on it).



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