So, here's my first fanvid. There are some Puella Magi Madoka Magica spoilers here, so beware! I got the idea from watching a Puella Magi Madoka Magica video set to the Jen Titus cover of "O' Death". It really hadn't occurred to me before watching it that Ultimate Madoka was essentially a death goddess as well as savior where the magical girls were concerned. So, when I heard this cover of the Blue Oyster Cult song "Don't Fear The Reaper", I knew I wanted to use it for something. So, Grim Reaper!Madoka it was. Enough of my rambling, here's the video:

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 Where do I even begin? I have an OTP I can't let go of, that'll work for a start... So, the aforementioned shipper insanity: I can't let go of this ship even with the knowledge that it will never happen and having conflicting headcanon. I think I need to write a song parody now...
Heard about this from[personal profile] taichara
1 - a song you like with a color in the title
Someday Out of the Blue by Elton John

2 - a song you like with a number in the title
100 Years by Five for Fighting

I have a love-hate relationship with Disney. Part of it is my purist tendencies toward books(and literary fairy tales, can't forget those). Another part is the incessant merchandising. But the biggest thing for me (and this relates to my first point) is that the Disney versions tend to override all other versions of the stories in the public consciousness. It's the same for almost any adaptation, but since Disney is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, it's influence is bigger (and thus, more irritating for me).
So...I tweaked up a bit, and sang, my stupid "Do you want to build a snowman?" parody. Here it is:

Mar. 7th, 2017 08:18 pm

filk news

So, a little bit of news regarding my filking/lyric rewriting/whatever. I'm taking voice lessons, so maybe I'll be able to sing the things...
So I rewrote my Frozen parody, here it is:

Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
Change the lyrics of a song
Come on and make your choice
Lend me your voice
Let’s try to sing along
Let’s spoof the greatest hit
In recent years
For the Disney company
Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
It doesn’t have to be about snowmen.
Friend:No way, spoofer!
Me:Oh, all right…
Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
What do you mean by saying no?
Really, writing song spoofs is fun
Come on, I’ve picked one
I promise it’s not “Let It Go”
(That has enough spoofs!)
Will you help me write lyrics?
And sing them to old tunes
I’m not asking you to write a symphony
Just one little parody, how hard could it be?
Why don’t you want to sing now?
Please, this could be really fun
I really want to sing a spoof with you
I’m only asking for one song to be done
Seriously, spoofs are fun!
Pretty please, my friend?
What do you want to do?
Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?

I've got a long way to go...
I will admit, in some areas Disney has improved on the fairy tales they adapt. For instance, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is an improvement on Andersen's prince in that he genuinely loves Ariel-the prince in the original tale led the mermaid on. Also, if the Sea Witch had to be a villain, at least Ursula is an effective one.
So this is a new project of mine. I want to collect as many fairy tale related fanfictions as I can. Now to specify things a bit, I will not be listing fanfiction based on fairy tale movies, Disney or otherwise. So without further ado, the collection begins!

Let's start with some Tamora Pierce fic now, shall we? This collection of fanfiction was done for the 2009 Fairytale Challenge on the Goldenlake forum. Fair warning-there is a homosexual pairing in one of the fics ("Sleeping Roger"). Other than that, the fics are quite enjoyable. Here they are:

Now, I'd like to mention a series of fanfiction (well, sort of fanfiction, I first read them on AO3, through a gensplosion rec) known as "Two-Booted Tales". As you may have guessed, they star Puss in Boots, but with a noir twist on the fairy tales. Here they are:

That's all for now, see you later!
Took me long enough to finally do this-it's July and I promised June at the latest...Anyway, today I'm going to talk a bit about Disney. I'll admit to having a love-hate relationship with the company. This relates to the simple fact that most of the stories from the Disney Animated Canon are based on older works. Also the fact that anything that's hit the movie or television screen takes over as the dominant story that people remember. I get so tired of people going "There was a book?" when told about the original source. Like I said, Disney does this a lot. Now, when it comes to fairy tales, one of the fun things about them is how different cultures play the same tales, their tropes, and their plots. The fact that the tales have been "sanitized" by Disney doesn't bother me-that's been going on for centuries. It's what I mentioned earlier about adaptation displacement. Also how loose the adaptations get-Aladdin comes to mind (and at least they admitted that Frozen was inspired by the fairy tale and not based on it).
May. 8th, 2016 03:36 pm

filk 1

So this is something else I'm going to use this journal for. Now that I've finished a song parody, I want to share it. It started as a simple forum post saying that everyone wants to make parodies of songs from Frozen, why not do a parody convincing someone to do a Frozen parody with them. I thought it would be fun, so I wrote "Do you want to make a spoof of Frozen?" to the tune of "Do you want to build a snowman?" just for the heck of it. It isn't the best, but it's only my first filk.
Here it is:

Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
Change the lyrics of a song
Spoof the greatest hit
That Disney has had for quite a bit
Let’s try to sing along
Alternate elemental powers
Set to "Let it Go"
It’s too popular not to mock
Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
It doesn't have to be about the snowmen.

Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?
Sing with a melody not your own
Weird Al may be the king
Of this kind of thing
But this will get you some renown
(Hang in there, spoof!)
Timing lyrics to music
And singing all the tunes
Getting rhymes up to stock

I know you want to join me
Making parodies is so much fun
Do you want to tweak a lyric or two
There’ll be no song untouched when we’re done
It only takes imagination
To play with a song
What do you want to do?
Do you wanna make a spoof of Frozen?



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